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Valerie Wilson "Your Santa Monica Dog Trainer"

Valerie Wilson was born and raised in the Bay Area, but recently relocated to Southern California, near Santa Monica, to be closer to her twin sister. She made the move with her “three children,” Sunshine, Charlie, and Rocco, all either coming from a rescue situation or found wandering as strays.

Growing up, Valerie had been exposed to all sorts of animals thanks to summer vacations at her grandparents’ ranch and the various animals that were considered family members at home, a cat, a dog, ducks, a rabbit, and even a rat. But it was the bond with her dog that made a life-long impression.

While putting herself through college, Valerie worked at a grocery store and picked up extra work as a pet sitter. By being a trustworthy and responsible pet sitter, she was able to easily build up clientele by referrals. However, upon completing college, she got hired on with Santa Clara County Superior Court as a stenographer and has had a successful career working in the court system.

Valerie WilsonValerie trained her first dog, a Jack Russell named Sunshine, eight years ago. Because Sunshine was not trained or socialized properly by her previous owner, she was dog aggressive, people aggressive, and leash reactive. Valerie realized that because of Sunshine’s previous poor upbringing, her quality of life was going to be limited, so Valerie devoted her spare time reading as much information as she could about different training methodologies, such as, positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, food motivated training, clicker training, E-collar training, etc, and implementing what she learned. Valerie, also, watched, learned, and applied various training methods in a live setting under the supervision of various Bay Area trainers. With all the different training styles she’d studied, Valerie decided to customize a training plan that incorporated a cocktail of techniques to see how Sunshine would respond. Sunshine thrived. Valerie’s creative thinking in realizing that not all dogs respond to just one method or philosophy of training greatly improved Sunshine’s quality of life where she’s now able to enjoy the outdoors, meeting new people and dogs, and above all being off leash. Adopting two more dogs into her family each with their own individual issues, Valerie was able to utilize what she’s learned over the years so that her family pets now live in harmony with each other.

Valerie’s success in training her family pets spread to family and friends and Valerie soon found herself educating others so that they could have better relationships with their dogs. Over the years, she’s worked with a variety of dogs on issues such as confidence, food guarding, fighting, and under socialized dogs. She, also, volunteers her time at her local SPCA.

For the last year, Valerie has wanted to transition her career to devote more time working with dogs, so it was serendipitous that she caught Nick White’s online Yahoo article about Off Leash K9 Training. After many email exchanges with a myriad of questions and finally talking with Nick, she decided to train with him at his Off Leash K9 Training facility. “Nick’s training helped me elevate my skills to the next level.”

Valerie now looks forward to her new career working full time with dogs and teaching people how to communicate with their pets in order to achieve amazing results with techniques used by the military and law enforcement that guarantees your dog will be 100 % reliable off leash in just four weeks.

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